Our Qualifications

C. W. Copeland, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor at The American College for Financial Services.  He holds numerous licenses and registrations (State of Georgia) in the areas of investments and insurance and is a Financial Planner with Innovation Partners, LLC where he coordinates the efforts of attorneys, tax advisors, employee benefits coordinators, estate and business planners, and pension managers for the benefit of his clients.  He has authored several books and has served as a financial columnist for many newspapers and magazines across the country including the Atlanta Tribune and UPSCALE Magazines.
He has been a regular guest on radio and television shows across the Country; including shows such as CNBC’s Money Club, WAOK’s Solutions & Remedies with Rob Wilson, and TBN’s Public Report where he addresses audiences on financial planning strategies on a regular basis.
He is a part of a team of consultants for C.W. Copeland & Associate, LLC that provides pre-licensing training, continuing education, and business development advice for financial services professionals.
While many pursue a certification in financial planning, he ascended to another level by obtaining a Doctorate in Financial Planning.  He serves as Board Chair for the Community Power Federal Credit Union and is on the Board of several public and private non-profit organizations.  He has also served as “education specialist” for the Fulton County Pension Board.