Seminar/Workshop Calendar

The Ph.D. in Money offers a wide-array of financial management workshops.  Our educational workshops range from an introduction to basic financial principles to an opportunity to obtain a "Ph.D. in Money".  In the spectrum of workshops, participants can gain insights into: tax planning, college funding, retirement strategies, and the gamut of insurance topics.

Effective Credit & Debt Management: Understanding the premise upon which wealth is built.

Retirement Planning (Pre- and Post): Effective strategies for cash management, asset allocation, tax planning, and retirement distribution.

Insurance Leveraging Techniques: Strategies on preserving one's wealth.

Estate Planning (Basic and Advanced): Essential wealth distribution concepts.

Annuity Basics: Learn how to accumulate, protect and manage money via the use of annuities.

No financial products will be offered for sale during the presentations.

Upcoming Events 

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